The Primal Pledge: Going Back to Our Roots

Primal by Nature represents a Manuka honey brand like no other - a naturally-sourced jar of liquid gold at your door. Primal by Nature is a pledge to deliver nothing but nature’s finest Manuka honey in reusable, recyclable and re-purposeful packaging. Nothing added and nothing removed - a raw, unpasteurised, pure, authentic honey.

Superior Quality in Premium Glass Jars

Manuka honey is the world’s most valuable commercially harvested honey - now packed with matching care and quality. Primal By Nature celebrates the primal, natural and rugged side of New Zealand.

We work together with our honey bees to craft the finest Manuka Honey and place it in premium glass jars. Food stored in glass simply tastes better. In addition, it provides a natural packaging alternative to plastic, offering more options for consumers to reuse and contribute to the environment’s health.

Honey Bee Flying away from Frame Made in New Zealand Sustainable Manuka Honey Clean Green

DNA Tested and Certified

All Primal By Nature Manuka Honey is independently DNA tested and certified to ensure it is 100% pure and genuine monofloral Manuka Honey. This test extracts the DNA from the pollen to confirm authenticity.

Methylglyoxal (MGO) - The Magical Natural Ingredient:

Primal by Nature only supplies Manuka honey that meets the corresponding MGO levels to its UMF grade. We deliver precisely what you’re looking for, whether it be a baseline MGO 83 level or as high as MGO 1200 Manuka honey - we make no concessions for the Primal quality

Primal Origins

Primal by Nature celebrates the powerful potency of natural food harvested from wild, untamed and pristine environments. Our master honey specialists have perfected unreserved pure and raw Manuka honey. This team of honey craftsmen applies cold press extraction to produce genuine and unprocessed velvet perfection.

As the eco-champion for the Manuka honey consumer, we are only interested in delivering the pinnacle of quality and product excellence. Our high quality reusable, redirectable and recyclable glass jars arrive with metal lids decorated with an easily removed, uncoated paper label stock. We eliminate anything that will be detrimental to our beautiful planet. 

Manuka honey is a sacred part of New Zealand culture and is a key export. This specific type of honey is not found anywhere else globally. As a result, it deserves a scientific definition to protect this treasured substance. The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), as an arm of the New Zealand Government, has a precise definition for monofloral Manuka honey.

Every Primal by Nature Manuka honey jar is supported by a label indicating the UMF™ grade and the MGO measurement. Our Manuka honey production is as transparent as our packaging.  

The UMF™ Quality Mark is the only globally recognised quality assurance stamp for Manuka Honey and is supported by rigorous independent, certified testing and auditing. UMF™ stands for the Unique Manuka Factor™ and is the gold standard of Manuka honey certifications and verifications. As the most internationally-renowned certifier of pure Manuka honey, there are two key features to look out for when browsing items: 

1. Label - the UMF™ label will indicate that this product meets the necessary criteria 

2. Number - Based on potency, UMF™ ranks products between UMF™ 5+ to UMF™ 32+

Sustainable Consumption

Primal by Nature Manuka honey represents the first comprehensive range of genuine, authentic New Zealand Manuka honey produced entirely in fully recyclable glass jars, suitable for reuse, reclamation, or repurposing. 

Thanks to their natural ingredients, glass jars have become a staple of sustainability in recent times. Glass is the perfect material for this day and age due to storage, transportation, and display. Using uncoated label materials, we have maximised the recycling and second-use options available while preserving the delicate flavour of premium Manuka honey.

The beauty of glass is its simplicity. High quality and robust glass provide a storage system with a window to the product. Additionally, the beautiful and natural touch delivers the product to the customer with a tangible, tactile experience.

Primal by Nature offers customers a glimpse into the future of UMF™ Manuka honey. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is included with every Manuka honey product. Finally, there are several uses for the jar that can be applied after consumption. Continue your road to eco-friendly sustainability with Primal by Nature.

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