Manuka honey is some of the most sought after honey in the world. The unique properties mixed with its rarity make pure Manuka honey different from almost any other honey. Primal by Nature is incredibly honoured to have been founded as part of Midlands Apiaries.

Midlands Apiaries is a leading New Zealand supplier of pure Manuka honey. Offering the very best of UMF-certified Manuka honey, Midlands Apiaries provides a level of expertise within the market to make sure we are consistently exceeding customer expectations.  

This blog will outline the many advantages Midlands Apiaries gives us as a wholesale supplier of 100% pure New Zealand Manuka honey. 

Expert Producers of Manuka

Midlands Apiaries has a high level of expertise in Manuka and the changing requirements. UMF-certified Midlands provides an extensive range of monofloral strengths from UMF 5+ to UMF 31+. In addition, each of their products passes several checkpoints to ensure consistent purity. 

The UMF stamp of approval that appears on our Manuka honey jars indicates the golden standard of grade and quality. We don’t make concessions when delivering the best monofloral Manuka honey. To receive this stamp, a Manuka honey producer must demonstrate specific milestones of the honey to prove it is genuine and potent. 

Customers from all across the world praise Primal by Nature Manuka honey for its flavour and texture. The master Creamers are craftsmen of honey, creating the smoothest honey you have ever tasted. Each batch of this liquid gold is crafted to meet your standards and our incredibly high-quality standards. 

Midlands Apiaries confirms that all monofloral Manuka honey products meet the requirements of the scientific definition as set by the New Zealand government. Thanks to their in-house lab, Midlands test every batch, which is then independently verified by internationally-accredited labs ensuring authenticity and quality of Primal by Nature’s Manuka honey. 

International Quality Standards

Midlands Apiaries has great people, great equipment and great products. Whenever we place an order for Primal by Nature, our expectations are always met and exceeded. As a leading supplier of pure Manuka honey, we know that Midlands will consistently deliver based on the demand of our customers. 

When the honey does arrive, we know that Midlands has ensured a top-quality standard. The high-quality assurance program provides vigilant compliance and certification systems. This program has many steps in place to promise a quality product at delivery.  

Independent IANZ-certified laboratories carry out tests at every stage to ensure Primal by Nature’s products comply with the most stringent quality standards. All test results are available via a certificate of analysis, validated against Midlands’ strict standards. 

Primal by Nature also offers a comprehensive range of Manuka honey that arrives in a glass jar. This eco-friendly and sustainable option of packaging represents Midlands Apiaries approach to production. Although an extensive supplier of Manuka honey, Midlands Apiaries remains very conscientious about the environment and the wellbeing of the many bees. 

Midlands Apiaries also follows the necessary steps to ensure each Manuka honey product is Halal and Kosher. 

Complete Traceability at Every Stage

At Primal by Nature, we know that Midlands Apiaries has the supply chain to deliver high-quality honey year-round. Each step of the production process is meticulously kept noted to ensure the consistent purity of the product. 

Midlands Apiaries has an excellent relationship with local beekeepers with hives strategically placed throughout the country. In addition, the many transport trucks in Midlands’ fleet ensure continuity of supply for Primal by Nature and our customers. 

When the honey arrives at the Midlands Honey Extraction Facility, all products are carefully created by their honey artisans. This purpose-built extraction facility operates a HACCP-based Risk Management Programme and is a certified SQF food production facility to ensure safety and quality each step of the way.

Midlands Apiaries Helps Us To Deliver You 100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey

It’s safe to say that Midlands Apiaries plays an integral role in Primal by Nature’s products. We are so proud to be providing the world with raw and primal Manuka honey and assuring our customers that our honey is always locally sourced. 

World-leading quality is the Midlands benchmark. The extensive supply network used to produce Primal by Nature’s Manuka honey means enough delicious velvety gold to ensure that you never miss out. For more information on the many Manuka honey products and services offered by Midlands Apiaries, visit - 

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