How To Look After Your Primal By Nature Jars

This blog will share how our quality glass jars can be repurposed, recycled and reused in several different ways to assist your sustainable lifestyle. Although raw Mānuka honey in a glass jar just tastes better, you’ll be able to maximise your Primal by Nature experience even after you’ve enjoyed this rugged natural gold.

The Difference Between Manuka Honey in Glass vs Plastic Jars

Manuka honey from NZ comes in several different packaging options ranging in size and materials. Like many food products currently on the shelves, food appears to arrive in either glass or plastic containers.

Pure monofloral Manuka honey is no different. So the real question to ask is, how long does Manuka honey last if it’s kept plastic or glass? Is there a difference? 

Reusing, Repurposing, Reclaiming & Recycling Manuka Honey Jars

Pure New Zealand Manuka honey has now arrived in eco-friendly glass jars! Thanks to their natural ingredient, glass jars have become a staple of sustainability in recent times. Glass is the perfect material for this day and age due to storage, transportation, and display.

The Primal Manuka Honey Pledge

Primal by Nature represents a Manuka honey brand like no other - a naturally-sourced jar of liquid gold at your door. Primal by Nature is a pledge to deliver nothing but nature’s finest Manuka honey. Nothing added and nothing removed - a raw, unpasteurised, pure and authentic treat. 

Manuka Honey From NZ - The Superfood For All

As one of the most sought-after superfoods globally, NZ Manuka honey has been praised by millions. However, it isn’t by chance that this honey happens to be exceedingly popular. This liquid gold requires perfect harvesting and crafting to result in the creamy goodness we all love.

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