Pure New Zealand Manuka honey has now arrived in eco-friendly glass jars! Thanks to their natural ingredient, glass jars have become a staple of sustainability in recent times. Glass is the perfect material for this day and age due to storage, transportation, and display.

This blog will outline and highlight the importance of reusing, repurposing and reclaiming glass once you’re finished with the delicious Manuka honey content within.

Manuka Honey Glass Jars

Pure monofloral Manuka honey of NZ is a treasured product that provides a healthy treat for many globally. Subsequently, this liquid gold deserves a container that is just as premium.

A brand that supports sustainability should not just say so but act upon it. Selling products in glass jars allows for clean materials to be used. As a result, repurposing, reclaiming and recycling is made infinitely more accessible.

The beauty of glass is its simplicity. High quality and robust glass provides a storage system with a window to the product. Additionally, the beautiful and natural touch delivers the product to the customer with a tangible, tactile experience. Historically, glass was used to preserve items throughout history - and now it’s making a comeback.

It’s not necessarily a question of how long Manuka honey lasts in a glass jar but is the quality better? With glass containers, you can rest assured that the purity of Manuka honey is retained due to the lack of leaching that can occur within single use plastic jars.

Repurposing Manuka Honey Vessels

Primal by Nature offers customers a glimpse into the future of UMFManuka honey. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging will be included with every Manuka honey product. There are several uses for the jar that can be applied after consumption.

Just a few ideas for repurposing jars include:

  • Plant Seedlings - Begin the first chapter of what could no doubt become your new garden.
  • Pickle Jars - Enjoy the decadent tastes of pickled foods whenever you please
  • Herbs & Spices - Add flavour to your meals with the elegance of glass containers
  • Paint Brush Storage - Keep brushes and clean them regularly with perfectly sized empty jars
  • Candles – Simply fill the jar with wax and embed a wick to enjoy the calming aromas

Specifically, when it comes to storing food products, the glass jar is supreme. Plastic containers run the risk of leaching with prolonged use and can alter the taste of the contents. Manuka honey-filled glass jars allow customers to be treated to a delicious taste before the many methods of glass jar repurposing.

Reclaiming & Recycling Manuka Honey Jars

As Manuka honey now arrives in glass jars, reclaiming is made an absolute breeze. There is a range of services available that offer many efficient and effective collections. Make sure to check your local government or council regulations to see if glass can be collected in your area.

Using recyclable glass jars to manufacture new products allows for extensive energy savings, carbon dioxide reductions, decreased emissions, and natural resources conservation. The beauty of glass is that it can be recycled endlessly, and unlike plastic, you don’t have to worry about chemical leaching.

According to statista.com, only 21% of the total glass production is reported to be recycled annually. As a result, much of the glass is unfortunately disposed of. Although glass is kinder to the environment compared to plastic, repurposing should still be endorsed for the sake of sustainable living.

Primal by Nature - The Manuka Honey of Tomorrow

All Primal by Nature Manuka honey arrives at your door in glass jars regardless of the level of MGO or UMF™. We believe that our pure New Zealand Manuka honey must be the best in every respect and should be available to consumers in the same eco-friendly packaging.

Primal by Nature eliminates the confusion surrounding Manuka honey UMF™ grading systems and standards. As a result, you will be made aware of what the different grades represent and be confident in buying a product that reflects an environmentally conscious brand.

Taking Manuka honey to the next level, every glass jar of Primal by Nature contains a potent primal burst of nature. To taste Manuka honey of this stature is to embrace nature itself. So take a look at our extensive selection of Manuka honey products and become one with nature.

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