Who doesn’t love baking? Pure Mānuka honey is not only delicious by the spoonful but can also be the perfect ingredient for an extensive number of baking items. Discover your brand-new special ingredient with Primal by Nature’s conscientious range of pure monofloral Mānuka honey today. 

Although Mānuka honey is a very versatile ingredient, it should be noted that there are specific tips and rules you should follow to ensure success. This blog will go through some of the most important steps you should take before crafting your newest line of Mānuka honey treats. 


1. Adjust The Oven Temperatures Of The Recipe

Adding Mānuka honey to your baking is an excellent way to sweeten your goods with natural sugars; however, you must consider the other factors. Honey is known to caramelise or burn a lot faster than sugar due to its chemical composition. 

You will need to decrease the temperature of the oven by about 10 degrees to ensure that you don’t burn your adjusted mixture. Furthermore, when the baking comes to the end stages, you’re going to keep a very watchful eye on the goods as they may very quickly be cooked too far. 


2. Decrease The Amount Of Liquid In The Mixture 

Honey is not like crystallised sugar and has a far higher liquid content. You will need to adjust the liquids of your recipe to counteract the extent of fluid in the honey. Although each recipe will be different, as a golden rule of thumb for honey, it’s advised that you decrease the amount of liquid ingredients by ¼ cup with every cup of honey that you add. 


3. Consider Increasing Baking Soda Within Your Mixture

Commonly overlooked, it’s vital that you adjust your baking soda concentration with Mānuka honey baking. Manuka honey is quite acidic and may alter the chemical nature mixture. A more acidic mixture (without baking soda) is likely to fall flat during the rising process. 

Your recipe is unlikely to ask for baking soda in the mix, but if it does, ensure you add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda (for every cup of Mānuka honey) to give it that lift. Additionally, if there is baking soda in the recipe, follow the above method for every cup of pure Manuka honey. 

4. Try And Use Recipes That Have Been Crafted With Mānuka Honey In Mind

While we have given the above directions for your recipes to be Mānuka honey friendly, there may be easier ways to go about it. There are so many recipes available to the world, ones that have been written with pure Mānuka honey in mind. Discovering a method that has been made explicitly for Mānuka honey may reduce the chances of something going wrong in the baking process. 

Primal by Nature - Sustainably Providing 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey 

Primal by Nature can deliver Mānuka honey from the rawest and primal regions in some of the most remote New Zealand locations. We are your one-stop shop for a sustainable and natural solution. Our Mānuka honey comes in a range of UMF™ strengths. 

All Primal by Nature Mānuka honey arrives at your door in recyclable glass jars regardless of the level of MGO or UMF™. We believe that our pure New Zealand Mānuka honey must be the best and should be available to consumers in the same eco-friendly packaging. 

Primal by Nature eliminates the confusion surrounding Mānuka honey UMF™ grading systems and standards. As a result, you will be made aware of the different grades and be confident in buying a product that reflects an environmentally conscious brand. 

Taking Mānuka honey to the next level, every Primal by Nature glass jar contains a potent primal burst of nature. To taste Mānuka honey of this stature is to embrace nature itself. So take a look at our extensive selection of Mānuka honey products and become one with nature. 

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