Perhaps you’ve been recently introduced to monofloral Mānuka honey, and you’re looking for a raw and sustainable option. Look no further than Primal by Nature’s eco-friendly line of 100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey. However, where do you begin? What is the best Mānuka honey rating for your situation, and how do you know if you’re buying the best of the best? 

Read this article further for a better understanding of Mānuka honey ratings and to discover the best grade for you. From UMF™ certifications to MGO concentrations, you’ll leave this page with a thorough understanding of how to select a pure Mānuka honey product that leaves you one with nature. 

How Is Mānuka Honey ‘Rated’? 

Pure Mānuka honey is taken very seriously both by Mānuka honey consumers and the New Zealand government. It’s become vital in recent years that Aotearoa (New Zealand) protects one of our most precious exports from counterfeit products. In doing so, there have been several organisations that have established criteria for certifying raw, primal and unadulterated Mānuka honey. 

There have been a few quality assurance methods for Mānuka honey to come out in recent years. However, only one is frequently considered the “gold standard”, and that is the Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF™) as established by the UMF™ Honey Association. While there are other standards for measuring purity, UMF™ delivers a comprehensive set of factors that ensures this Mānuka honey has all boxes ticked. 

Why Is UMF™ Certification Considered The Best? 

Unlike any other form of certification, UMF™ truly takes into account every possible indicator of purity. This refined criterion has condensed their key factors down into the concentration of four very unique bioactive ingredients only found in genuine Mānuka honey. 

Methylglyoxal (MGO), DHA, Leptosperin and HMF are all integral components of untouched, raw Mānuka honey. Each ingredient plays a role in determining the potency, authenticity, freshness and shelf life of this golden gift from Mother Nature. However, MGO, more than any of the ingredients, does contribute the most to the unique grading of UMF™. 

The Mānuka honey grades begin at UMF™ 5+ and have been recorded to extend to UMF™ 32+. The concentration of MGO increases exponentially, and there have been scientific interest regarding the unique benefits of MGO. While nothing has been made certain as of yet, scientists continue their investigations of antibacterial within this natural chemical. 

Why Does The Price Of Mānuka Honey Change With Rating? 

As the UMF™ unique factors increase in concentration, as does the rarity. Harvesting pure monofloral Mānuka honey from the native Mānuka bush is already a sporadic process. The flowers for the Mānuka plant only bloom a few weeks a year, and not every harvest will lead to UMF™ 32+ honey. 

Sourcing the highest concentration of MGO within one of the world’s most rare honey is extremely difficult. Prices of Mānuka honey jars tend to reflect this scarcity. Buyers of Mānuka honey may not need to purchase the most premium variations as many benefits can still be enjoyed with the entry-level jars

What UMF™ Rating Is The Best For Me? 

When it comes to the best Mānuka honey rating for you, it all comes down to intentions. Are you looking to enjoy the decadent and dreamy taste of New Zealand’s primal and raw example of liquid gold? This can be experienced with entry-level jars, including UMF™ 5+ and UMF™ 10+. As the UMF™ levels increase, the earthy and richer colours become more pronounced. 

Mānuka honey is not restricted to eating; however, many natural health enthusiasts swear by Mānuka honey face masks. With a higher UMF™ rating, such as UMF™ 15+ or UMF™ 20+, you’ll be able to enjoy the hydrating effects of this natural emollient on your skin. 

Nevertheless, if you’ve grown your Mānuka honey palette into one that appreciates the ultra-premium nature of this rare treat - the UMF™ 25+ and above will definitely deliver an experience unlike any other. Enjoying a supremely rare substance by the teaspoon or on the skin, you’ll awaken to a new sense of natural raw luxury like never before. 

Primal by Nature - Sustainably Providing 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey 

Primal by Nature can deliver Mānuka honey from the rawest and primal regions in some of the most remote New Zealand locations. We are your one-stop shop for a sustainable and natural solution. Our Mānuka honey comes in a range of UMF™ strengths. 

All Primal by Nature Mānuka honey arrives at your door in recyclable glass jars regardless of the level of MGO or UMF™. We believe that our pure New Zealand Mānuka honey must be the best and should be available to consumers in the same eco-friendly packaging. 

Primal by Nature eliminates the confusion surrounding Mānuka honey UMF™ grading systems and standards. As a result, you will be made aware of the different grades and be confident in buying a product that reflects an environmentally conscious brand. 

Taking Mānuka honey to the next level, every Primal by Nature glass jar contains a potent primal burst of nature. To taste Mānuka honey of this stature is to embrace nature itself. So take a look at our extensive selection of Mānuka honey products and become one with nature. 

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