Are there many Mānuka honey brands in New Zealand? Sure, but you can count on one hand the number of brands that offer the absolute peak of ultra-premium Mānuka honey craftsmanship. Imagine a honey so pure, so potent, that only a handful of jars are ever produced. A once-in-a-generation example of nature’s sheer beauty and primal essence - this is Primal by Nature’s UMF™ 32+ Mānuka honey.

Join us on a journey as we explore the rarity and pristine glory of what is unquestionably one of the planet’s most rare honey varieties. Reserved for those who appreciate the very best items in life, this is the peak with no higher potency available. 

What Are The Details Surrounding A UMF™ 32+ Certification? 

Every aspect of this product has been crafted around the scarce and luxurious nature of this ultra-rare Mānuka honey variety. Crafting the very best requires immense skill, understanding, dedication and years of focused commitment. 

With a beekeeping heritage stretching over 100 years, the master artisans of Primal by Nature have refined their skills and processes to present this genuine, unadulterated Mānuka honey. In a precisely controlled environment, we have gently matured, delicately nurtured and creamed to velvet perfection some of the world's finest, high-potency Mānuka honey of exceptional and unparalleled quality.

The baseline concentration for methylglyoxal in a UMF™ 5+ is approximately 83mg/kg. In the ultra-premium UMF™ 32+, this number reaches 1818+mg/kg. As you can see, there is an exponential increase from the entry-level Mānuka honey varieties.  

Past UMF™ 20+, MGO is the driving factor for what separates the premium from the ultra-premium. 

What Is Included With A Purchase Of Primal By Nature's UMF™ 32+ Mānuka Honey?

Before even opening the jar of this exceptional feat of natural glory, a purchaser of the Primal by Nature UMF™ 32+ Mānuka honey will be enthralled with the gorgeous and luxurious packaging of this item. 

Arriving wrapped in a uniquely designed outer box, each jar of this honey will come with a poem personifying the sheer magnificence of the product. Next, you’ll see the product within a secondary red box - shrouded in a metallic gold jar that showcases the peak of Mānuka honey packaging. 

Now, the honey. Where the richness of the earth effortlessly merges with the viscous texture of honey’s most excellent variety. The taste has been described as earthy and sweet, while leaving a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Taking your tastebuds through a journey of several different sensations, you’ll experience a flavour only few will ever get to discover. 

Primal by Nature - Sustainably Providing 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey 

Primal by Nature can deliver Mānuka honey from the rawest and primal regions in some of the most remote New Zealand locations. We are your one-stop shop for a sustainable and natural solution. Our Mānuka honey comes in a range of UMF™ strengths

All Primal by Nature Mānuka honey arrives at your door in recyclable glass jars regardless of the level of MGO or UMF™. We believe that our pure New Zealand Mānuka honey must be the best and should be available to consumers in the same eco-friendly packaging. 

Primal by Nature eliminates the confusion surrounding Mānuka honey UMF™ grading systems and standards. As a result, you will be made aware of the different grades and be confident in buying a product that reflects an environmentally conscious brand. 

Taking Mānuka honey to the next level, every Primal by Nature glass jar contains a potent primal burst of nature. To taste Mānuka honey of this stature is to embrace nature itself. So take a look at our extensive selection of Mānuka honey products and become one with nature. 

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