Almost everything about pure Mānuka honey makes it the most elite variation of honey in the world. Over the past few decades, there has been a growing interest in this very unique gift from nature. Fans all over cannot get enough of this caramel-like natural goodness which even has had suggestions of having unique health properties. 

Join Primal by Nature on this exploration to understand how and why monofloral Mānuka honey has gained its current reputation. Delivering a unique smell, taste and consistency, Primal by Nature is proud to offer the world’s first comprehensive range of pure Mānuka honey to arrive in a reusable eco-friendly glass jar. 

What Does Mānuka Honey Smell and Taste Like, and Is It Different To Conventional Honey? 

Pure Mānuka honey has had several flavour profiles described in its history. For the most part, the aroma has been described as having calming sweet, yet earthy honey notes. Slightly different to conventional honey, Mānuka honey has been noted for its bitter properties. While still delivering a creamy sensation on the tongue, the slight bitterness gives depth to the natural sweetness we all know too well. 

The rich caramel taste has also been said to be coupled with a unique mocha-like bitterness that leaves a pleasant sensation on the palate. Leaving the most subtle of tingles on the back of the throat, this is the sign of an authentic and genuine Mānuka honey product. 

For more information on the flavour profiles of Mānuka honey, please read ‘What Does Pure Mānuka Honey Look, Taste and Smell Like?

Conventional honey that is purchased in the supermarket will often only have the typical honey taste with little to no subtle, unique tastes. While Primal by Nature’s Mānuka honey is best experienced by the spoonful, this honey will elevate any food or beverage to an exceptional level. 

Does UMF Indicate How Special Monofloral Mānuka Honey Is? 

In short, yes. The Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF™) is widely considered to be the gold standard of all Mānuka honey certification methods throughout the world. Several other validation methods do exist, but none are able to compare to the in-depth analysis required for a UMF™ certification. 

Some of the other methods include: 

MGO: One of the requirements for UMF™, but failed to take into account the other three unique factors.

K-Factor: Measures the pollen levels within the honey but fails to consider the bioactive ingredients. 

NPA: Measuring the non-peroxide activity, which has been suggested to have antibacterial properties. 

UMF™ has become an iconic staple of the Mānuka honey buying process. There are several fans of Mānuka honey which will not purchase a jar of this natural gold unless it has the UMF™ insignia present. Seeing that unique symbol on each jar gives customers the confidence that they are buying the real deal. Nevertheless, while the UMF™ grade ranges from UMF™ 5+ to UMF™ 32+, you can be certain that any Primal by Nature jar of monofloral Mānuka honey has met the benchmark for exceptional standards. 

For more information on the ultra-high grades of Mānuka honey, please read - “What Makes UMF™ 32+ Mānuka Honey So Unique?

Are There Benefits To Having Mānuka Honey In A Glass Jar? 

At Primal by Nature, we believe that presenting our pure Mānuka honey in a glass jar is a reminder of our Primal Mānuka Honey Pledge. Selling products in glass jars promotes the use of clean materials that are then available for repurposing, reclaiming and recycling.

The beauty of glass is its simplicity. High-quality and robust glass provides a storage system with a window to the product. Additionally, the beautiful and natural touch delivers the product to the customer with a tangible, tactile experience. 

However, the quality of the Mānuka honey is actually substantially increased with the glass jar. Similar to those who appreciate coke in a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic bottle, Mānuka honey is actually no different. There is a lack of “leaching” with glass containers which is the process where plastic particles can actually enter the honey after a long period and alter the taste - trust Primal by Nature to evade any factor that may alter the honey. 

Primal by Nature - Sustainably Providing 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey 

Primal by Nature can deliver Mānuka honey from the rawest and most primal regions in some of the most remote New Zealand locations. We are your one-stop shop for a sustainable and natural solution. Our Mānuka honey comes in a range of UMF™ strengths

All Primal by Nature Mānuka honey arrives at your door in recyclable glass jars regardless of the level of MGO or UMF™. We believe that our pure New Zealand Mānuka honey must be the best and should be available to consumers in the same eco-friendly packaging. 

Primal by Nature eliminates the confusion surrounding Mānuka honey UMF™ grading systems and standards. As a result, you will be made aware of the different grades and be confident in buying a product that reflects an environmentally conscious brand. 

Taking Mānuka honey to the next level, every Primal by Nature glass jar contains a potent primal burst of nature. To taste Mānuka honey of this stature is to embrace nature itself. So take a look at our extensive selection of Mānuka honey products and become one with nature. 

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